Our Story

WHO WE ARE We are The Men and Ladies of Honor, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, operating internationally, and based in Rowlett, Texas, where we are a proud member of the Rowlett Chamber of Commerce. Our program model began in an inner-city charter school in Dallas, Texas, thirteen years ago, as an after-school program implemented to address student misconduct and cultivate principles of honor and chivalry among essentially fatherless boys. The original faith-based program expanded to multiple campuses, then other school districts across Texas and the U.S., to five other countries around the world, including Belize, Honduras, South Africa and Namibia.   In Fall 2014, we launched Honor Academy in Rowlett, Texas, where we are now based, with great success. Honor Academy is a community-based character education program, designed for delivery in public schools and recreation centers. WHERE WE WORK We have successful Honor programs operating in elementary, middle and high school campuses, at community centers, private schools, orphanages and churches. We partner with other service organizations to address community issues everywhere from inner cities to rural areas, working with city leadership, law enforcement, community leaders and a variety of ministries of all denominations. WHAT WE DO & HOW WE DO IT We mentor and teach boys and girls in the formative years in the principles of honor and integrity. Honor Academy equips boys and girls grades 5 through 9 to CHASE their dreams, as they learn about Character, Honor, Accountability, Sacrifice and Excellence.